Collagen hydrolyzate, which is a functional component, is a protein component that is used to regulate skin and bone health in the food and pharmaceutical industry, which is formed as a result of hydrolysis of the collagen structure. Collagen hydrolysates obtained from bovine leather are referred to by technical names of type 1 and type 3 collagen. When collagen hydrolysates, which have different sources, are compared over the same amino acid profiles and structures, only the amount of amino acids they contain differs according to the source. In this sense, collagen hydrolysates obtained from bovine hides offer the most suitable amino acid profile for protein synthesis of human DNA, with a content of 15/85 as type 1 & 3 in a structure.

Gerede Gelatin is considering the production of collagen hydrolyzate in its plans. Continue to follow us.

Food Industry

The multifunctional solution is based on a perfect hydrocolloid material for the ​most diverse food in the fast-moving consumer goods and food service industries.

Health & Nourishment
Health and Nourishment
Our collagen peptide solution is active in promoting your health as a perfect ingredient. This high-quality protein source in nutritional applications, sports, food supplements and recovery foods like bone and tissue renovations.
Pharmaceutical BioScience
Our high-quality, certified, non-allergenic production provides easier pharmaceutical applications.